About Us

Benefits of Outsourcing

Using Unicon has many advantages

Cost Effective - We can do the same for less. Most financial institutions do not have enough work to keep an independent, qualified employee busy. Normal in-house cost include: salary, bonuses, vacation, sick leave, insurance, pension, workers comp, office space, and computer equipment.

Independence - Outsourcing complies with the examiners’ requirement that senior management and the Board be provided with a completely objective view of the portfolio.

Reference Source - As part of our services you are encouraged to call with any questions. We are in constant contact with the regulators, CPAs and attorneys, and we have a very complete library. Often we know about changes before the examiners.

Higher Quality of Work - Our firm is recognized as experts by the regulators and the courts. Senior management of the firm are former senior level OCC examiners. We are well known to both the FDIC and the State regulators. They know they can rely on our work, which often means the examiners spend less time in the bank.

Eliminate Employee Problems - Outsourcing eliminates worries about employee lawsuits (such as wrongful termination), workers comp claims, unemployment claims, etc...

Consistency - Problems with turnover, vacations and sick leave are eliminated as the work gets done on time.

Why Choose Unicon

We offer an independently managed, objective review, bringing a vast knowledge of regulations and connections to resources.