Catherine Khachaturian

1996 - Present

Ms. Khachaturian is Managing Director of Operations Reviews.  She joined Unicon in 1996 after 14 years in bank operations, audit, and compliance.  Her primary responsibilities include conducting/supervising Operational, Note Department, Compliance, Merchant Bankcard, and Money Order Examinations.  In addition, she conducts training in those areas and also provides general consulting.  Ms. Khachaturian also sits on Unicon’s Management Committee. 

Ms. Khachaturian has also performed a number of special investigations since joining Unicon and, at the request of those clients, presented her findings to the regulators.  Some of these investigations involved wire transfer fraud, BSA structured transactions, money laundering, missing cash, forged endorsements, and check kiting. 

Ms. Khachaturian has assisted many banks in:  designing new, or re-engineering existing, products; developed custom designed operations programs; and, written various operational policies and procedures.  Ms. Khachaturian has also developed and conducted numerous custom seminars for Unicon’s clients. 

Ms. Khachaturian is very familiar with all aspects of the ITI, Jack Henry, and Altel systems.  In addition, she has a thorough knowledge of bank legal issues in the areas of new accounts, deposits, levies, and subpoenas. 

Professional Schools and Seminars:

Fourteen schools and seminars addressing:  management, operations, documentation, accounting, consumer compliance, lending, trade finance, loan documentation, and, international activities.

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