Branch Operations Review

A bank branch needs to have a system of internal controls to prevent operational losses. The bank branch is also exposed to various consumer regulations. Our branch operation reviews test compliance with the aforementioned by looking at the following:
  • Verification of teller and vault cash;
  • Inventory of negotiable and consignment items, and reconcilement to related control logs;
  • Internal control evaluation related to cash, wire transfers, negotiable and consignment items, night depository, keys, safekeeping and collection item controls, branch certifications, inactive and dormant accounts, and safe deposit box operations;
  • Branch security procedures;
  • Adherence to CIP and KYC requirements.
When you engage us, we bring our expertise drawn from over 30 years in the branch operations field to help you streamline your branch operations.

Why Choose Unicon

We offer an independently managed, objective review, bringing a vast knowledge of regulations and connections to resources.