Loan Review/Credit Review

Our loan review associates provide credit risk management services to numerous banks ranging in size from de novo status to large regional banks across the U.S. and international banks.

Our loan review program is client based and tailored to your bank’s needs, while adhering to regulatory loan review guidelines. Depending on the institution’s size, complexity, and management practices our services are tailored to your situation.

Our diverse mix of clients allows us to share with you the current regulatory climate and emerging issues regulators are focusing on. We have extensive experience in reviewing many different loan types: syndicated loans: large commercial real estate loans; construction financing; international trade finance; asset based lending; leasing activities; credit card lending; sub-prime loan products; shared national credits; and hotel financing. We also have extensive experience reviewing loans to numerous industries.

Our Approach

Our methodology and related procedures used in our loan review are risk-based, which means additional attention is focused on those areas that we consider higher risk. Our procedures are derived from our firm’s experience in this field, both as examiners and as consultants.

Our Loan Review Service

Our loan review services independently assess the quality of the bank's loan portfolio, test the bank’s internal loan grading systems, and provide credit administration recommendations. In the course of assessing credit quality, we consider the underwriting of each credit, as well as the borrower’s financial capacity and payment performance. We assess each credit for proper approval procedures by the loan officer and the appropriate committee, as well as adherence to the bank’s loan policy. We also review each credit for adherence to loan agreement covenants. Our procedures include a review of required collateral documentation (including the perfection of the lien status) for loans in our sample.

Why Choose Unicon

We offer an independently managed, objective review, bringing a vast knowledge of regulations and connections to resources.